Web Development

Whether it’s on a mobile device or on a desktop, the person who has landed on your website has gone there to find out more about you. That’s why I think the content, style and experience of the website takes priority over the technical details.

This is the traditional process for my web development projects:

  • The first stage in a project will be research, making sure I know as much as I can about your business.
  • Then the design and the content will be created, Only when you’re 100% happy with these will the technical development begin.
  • During the technical stage of the project, you’ll get a regular update on how it’s coming along.
  • Once it’s been published, we’ll keep working with you to make sure everything works as well as possible.

I’ll work with you closely with you throughout the whole project. Being a freelancer you’ll be able to contact me directly and talk about requirements, changes or just what you got up to at the weekend. I don’t rush a project out the door for a quick buck, I build relationships so people want to come back to me – not because they have to.

If you’ve got a web project in mind, drop me an email to alex@jeffers.biz and I’ll get in touch to have a chat.

Some Web Development Examples