Copywriting, traditionally, is writing that advertises or promotes a product or service. This differs from content writing, the aim of which is to drive traffic to a website.

The art of copywriting could now be called the creative flair which sits inside content, the way the words are put together which engages, excites and entertains a reader.

Copy compells action – content grabs attention.

You may need a tag line written for a marketing campaign, or you may need a whole content strategy writing and deploying. I can take care of your requirements at either ends of the spectrum and everything in between.


The first stage in any content project is planning and research. I’ll sit down with you (either over a drink or through Skype) and go through what you want to convey, the message you are trying to put across and the audience you want to reach.

After I’ve researched your requirements, I get to work on writing, sending you regular updates if required as to how the project is coming along.

Once I’ve finished the whole project – you’ll get everything packaged up and sent across in the format you require (plain text, Microsoft Word, Markdown, HTML paragraphs, PDF etc.)

Drop me an email to to have a chat about your requirements.

Some Copywriting Examples