Being Grown Up Isn’t Half As Fun As Growing Up.

Except, well – it kinda is. Sure, I had some fun growing up – there were the parties, the drugs, the excess and everything that went along with it. I’ve drank more than most people should have in their late teens / early twenties and I’ve taken substances that I can’t even remember the name of. I stayed up for … Read More

Three Days in Berlin

Technically it was four days in Berlin – but two of those were half days so let’s go with three. Thanks to the super cheap flights from Cardiff to Tegel from Flybe, we went on a quick city break to the German capital for less than £120 return.  That’s not to say we were budgeting as hard as we did … Read More

No Blog August

Well, aside from the one on the 1st of August and this one right now. Things have picked up for me over the last month in terms of work – I’ve barely even been able to write a blog for my company blog, which in terms of priority, company blog comes first and personal blog comes about seventh. So here’s … Read More

Why the Self Serve Machine in The Post Office Sucks

I meant to write this the other week after going into The Post Office on Cardiff Queen Street to return a t-shirt sample I ordered.  Trying not to be reactionary with my negative comments though so I thought I’d leave it for a while and think about how frustrating it was.  I had to go back in there today to … Read More

Stranger Things (Have Happened)

It was only a couple of weeks ago I was in full on rant mode about Netflix and their lack of quality programming.  It’s like they knew how dissatisfied I was with their usual offering.  Last weekend, an old friend of mine posted on Facebook about this new programme called Stranger Things (trailer).  He’s got a pretty consistently good opinion … Read More

The User Experience of Buying a Car

This weekend we bought a car – a 2010 plate VW Golf 1.6 TDI S (S as in Standard, not Sport).  Every car I’ve bought previously has been a labour of love or an emergency vehicle – I owned seven Peugeot 306’s which generally ran until they died or I killed them.  This however was a serious purchase, the “I’m … Read More

Detectorists on Netflix

Well, Detectorists Season One Anyway I feel like I have to make a point about it being Detectorists season one because that’s all there is to watch on Netflix.  In true Netflix form, when you find something you really enjoy watching – which is a bit of a rarity these days; it always seems to be a season or two … Read More

Cardiff to The Beach Night Ride

Cardiff Leg Start Point – The Mochyn Du. Begin by coming out of the Mochyn Du, towards Cathedral Road and taking a left turn. Follow this road all the way until you come to a set of traffic lights and the Westgate Hotel Pub. Take another left and follow the road over the bridge. Once you’re on the other side … Read More

Don’t Brexit

I mean, obviously it’s too late to be saying not to Brexit, the results are in and the decision has been made – 48% against and 52% for leaving the European Union. I’ve waited a couple of days to write this though (rather than my usual Friday afternoon posting) to absorb some of the facts and come to terms with … Read More

Rumours of My Demise Were Greatly Unknown

It’s somewhere between a Mark Twain quote and a Rise Against song title, but I quite like the sentiment and as blog titles go – it’s pretty catchy. Roughly a year ago, I had a mental breakdown . It wasn’t in the classic sense that a lot of people might associate with a mental breakdown – cowering in the corner … Read More